Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Copenhagen: Regulation for Persons with Reduced Mobility at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen owned a world class transport system in Europe, providing extensive services of transportation to travelers and locals alike. Following this tradition of quality and excellence, Copenhagen Airport has introduced a new transport service scheme for the disabled person on 26 July 2008. To serve these special people who often faced mobility issues at the airport, authorities have instructed to give more assistance and help to disable persons. From the airport to all the way to the final destination, the airport will provide help to disable persons such as approaching to metro stations or car parking or bus stop until they would get seated at the aircraft or reach their stop. The European Union and Denmark both have encouraged this new wave that led to making efforts to help disable person at the airport. The rights and conditions of such passengers have been significantly improved afterward. An official regulation has also passed to adopt and complete this privileged service. In accordance to this regulation, airlines have to change some of their regular procedures of reserving tickets or boarding for impair people.


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